IT Managers, how will your business survive the winter? Work from anywhere, Nationwide with Switch Hosted Voice.

Will this be your reality at Christmas and early Q1?Traffic 2

News reports have stated that the UK is to endure 3 months of heavy snow and winter conditions seeing temperatures plummet to record low figures. ( 
It’s the IT managers responsibility to keep departments running with reliable connectivity – keeping disruption to a minimum. With Switch Communications Hosted Voice solution, this is now simplified and manageable.
Switch Communications Hosted Voice is easy to install, providing first class business phone system needs – without paying inflated tariffs.
  • Mobility & Business Continuity – Run your business anywhere
  • Affordable technology – no capital expenditure, subscription model
  • Flexible & Scaleable
  • Empower your staff’s own tablets and smart phones
  • Easy work from home setup
  • Simple & Reliable Installation/Maintenance

ALU 8082 HandsetWith no upgrade cost, this solution is ideal for all SME, and medium sized enterprises looking to enable their workforce more flexibility. So prepare your organisation and get in touch. Click Here for more information.


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