Alcatel-Lucent launch SIP / IP 8 Series Handsets

Enjoy the latest in premium telephony services. Switch Communications are offering the Alcatel Lucent new 8 Series Handsets – SIP and IP with the OmniTouch 8082 IC phone and the 8002/8012 SIP Desk Phone. The SIP based telephony 8 series expose all SMEs and enterprise level organisations to the most ground breaking innovative telephony protocol- Session Initiation Protocol. SIP is the most intuitive signalling communications protocol, most commonly used for delivering multimedia communications; Voice and video over internet protocol networks. This new technology can create, amend, and terminate sessions consisting of numerous media streams enabling enhanced functionality through video conferencing, IM Instant messenger, presence information, file transfer, online gaming through to secure file transfer and fax over IP.

Perfect for voice companion to desk top activities, these deskphones ensure connectivity and faster enterprise directory. Enjoy more energy efficiency with the added benefit of LAN PC and Alcatel-Lucent management platform integration.

These world class designs can revolutionise your organisations productivity, OPEX and total cost of ownership –  So enquire today and begin to enjoy the latest series in SIP telephony handsets.

Take a closer look:

8002/8012 Desk Phone

This cost effective SIP based deskphones are fantastic entry level handsets for all businesses SME and enterprise. Suitable for all desktop centric activates, The 8002 / 8012 is energy efficient and can integrate with PCs and Alcatel-Lucent communication management platforms.

8002     8002 side


  • Standard SIP telephony based on compliance to RFC standards
  • Business grade design
  • 3rd party call control functionality
  • Integrated with LAU comms platforms
  • Hands free option
  • Energy efficiency
  • Unified directory access

  • Eco friendly consumption
  • All ways on connectivity
  • Integrate completely in multi device environment





8082 My IC Phone 

With its 7 inch graphical touch screen, this highly advance handset offers a truly modern interface with high rescontextual menus, high quality wideband audio and always on availability. With its collaborative conversation extras the SIP based  8082 My IC phone has free a bluetooth handset and operates within any industry looking for feature rich communications. What’s more with its superb PC sync the 8082 My IC Phone can be synchronised with Microsoft Outlook contact folder. For more information email (Ref: Alcatel Lucent new 8 Series Handsets – SIP and IP)

8082               8082 7screen                omnitouch-8082-my-ic-phone


  • Video communications
  • Ergonomic design
  • SIP telephony services
  • Communications platforms offer web services; Contextual Manager, Assistant Interactions
  • Industry specific packages
  • Customisable interfaces, MP3 pictures, and screensavers
  • SDK (Software Development Kit)



  • Offers robustness: Always-on, secure endpoint
  • Reinforce your image through design
  • Delivers streamlined contextual info
  • Provides quick access to relevant functions through easy to use menus
  • Open to applications
  • Eco friendly deployment
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