Hosted Telephony- The Hosted VOIP / Voice Service from Switch Communications

Hosted Telephony- The Hosted VOIP  Voice Service from SwitchIntroducing… Hosted Telephony- The Hosted VOIP / Voice Service from Switch Communications

In 2015, 69% of new and upgraded phone services will be over hosted internet protocol. (IP) The reason for this huge increase is due to the improvements in stable, faster and more affordable broadband. A standard residential broadband service will support up to 8 concurrent phone calls and business grade can handle 15 calls simultaneously, proving Hosted VOIP/ Voice is a versatile, robust voice service positioned perfectly for all SME / enterprise businesses. Request a free 30 day trial.

How does Hosted Telephony / Hosted Voice work?

Calls are routed through your companies broadband connection to our central telephone exchange, here the call is then sent to the desired destination phone number. Switch Communications’ Hosted Phone System will already pre-configured and ready to use as soon as it arrives at your offices. Our range of IP handsets just need to be plugged in then connected to the internet via a network cable. It is that easy, perfect for SMEs, mobile workers and home based staff.

With Switch Communications, our Hosted Voice services can offer literally hundreds of concurrent calls. Our Hosted Telephony fibre optic and standard services have a quality specification that rivals all standard analogue and ISDN connections.

With Hosted Telephony- Hosted VOIP / Voice Service | Switch Communications; you will receive the following features;

  • Company Welcome
  • Free Site to Site calls
  • Free Internet calls
  • Voicemail to EmailHosted Telephony- The Hosted VOIP  Voice Service Switch
  • Free caller diversio
  • Call Pickup
  • Call transfer
  • Incoming Call ruling
  • Free Web portal control
  • Free billing
  • Caller ID Display

With Switch Communications your IP hosted system will be installed quickly with no connection fees. With free line installation your account managed system will be charged with per second rates through consolidated itemised billing.

With Hosted Telephony- The Hosted VOIP / Voice Service | Switch Communications, your business will receive IP phone system features which are constantly up-datable through out the changing trends of your business. Whether you are scaling up as you business grows or scaling down to invest capital elsewhere, our Hosted telephony platform will work to your needs providing flexibility, practical features, advanced voice quality, number anywhere and free upgrades. Remove maintenance fees today and request a free 30 day trial.

Reasons For and Against Hosted telephony –

Apart from a fixed line phone system offering a fully inhouse service at a fixed cost the favour really is with Hosted Voice / VOIP Telephony Services. With a Hosted Voice solution your organisation;

  • Does not require onsite equipment
  • No maintenance costs required
  • Moving office? Increasing / reducing employee numbers? Now you can keep/ port your numbers anywhere in the UK.
  • Average set up duration – 1.5 weeks
  • Per Second Billing
  • Auto transfer calls
  • With Switch Communications you can reduce you call charges by up to 70% over other Hosted Voice solution providers Inc. BT, Virgin, Talk Talk, Daisy Communications and Solutions Builders.

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