Are you at risk? Do you use 0800, 0845, 0871, 09 numbers?

Customer Service 0845  0870 and 09 number regulation imminentFrom Friday 13th June 2014 the Consumer Contract Regulations law will be enforced by Ofcom as part of a wider European Directive to prevent over charging customers when using non geographic numbers. With Switch Communications, our hosted platforms can provide you with a solution that will transfer your o8XX and 09XX  numbers quickly and free of charge.

What is the Consumer Contract Regulations Law?

This new law signals the end of the line for many extortionate 0845, 0870, 0800 and 09 non geographic numbers. The UK legislation for the directive means that businesses will need to switch to lower cost numbers such as  01, 02, 03.

NOTE: Charges above the basic rate will still be allowed for services that don’t form part of the contract agreed. Businesses are also still free to use such numbers for sales lines etc.

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The Consumer Contract Regulation law was approved in December 2013 and will be enforced on 13th June 2014. All non geographic numbers will have to give equal prominence to geographic alternatives.

Are there any exceptions?

The regulations don’t apply to the following industries at present;

  • financial services, including banks
  • gambling
  • construction, sale of immovable property and residential letting contracts
  • single telecommunications connections such as public payphones and public wifi, including that provided in establishments such as cafés

What will happen if your numbers are not re-routed?

Customers will be able to take companies to court for non-compliance. Any company which fails to comply with the new law and still offers a 08XX 09XX number for their customer service line after 13th June 2014 will be putting themselves at risk of court action. This is because your customers will be within their rights to take your company to court and successfully reclaim the excessive charges made to them. Trading Standards are also at liberty to get involved in bringing non-complying companies to justice.

If you are using any number beginning with 084, 087, 0800 or 09 for your customer service line, you must provide an alternative 01, 02 or 03 numbers by 13th June 2014. For businesses making the switch, Switch Communications can help assess all alternative hosted telephony platforms.

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