Direct Internet Access

Delivering a fully managed Business Internet service through a totally secure high speed connection, Switch’s proposition is highly scalable, flexible, and resilient. Specialising in xDSL, FTTC, EFM, Ethernet and Internet transit, our services are backed by an excellent team in its Network Operations Centre (NOC) 24/7 that monitors performance on a proactive basis.

Every Company or Organisation has different needs for access to the internet or for building an MPLS network, whether it is performance, speed, cost or the on-going support for the service. And the dependency on this access is increasing all the while. Switch Communications is an independent aggregator of this services by selecting Best of Breed from the UK’s leading carriers. Switch design and deploy access to individual sites based on postal codes and that is specific to your requirements so that we offer flexibility in pricing, scalability and SLA.

National Infrastructure


Below is a brief description of the services available:


Traditional Broadband services ADSL Max, ADSL 2+, Annex M. Services provided with either standard Cisco router or WiFi option. Business class service only that is proactively managed 247.



Fibre to the Cabinet and Fibre to the Premises are the next generation of services that offer higher bandwidth both on download and upload e.g. 20Mb up 80Mb down. Cisco router and proactively managed 247.



Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a high bandwidth service delivered over copper that is reliable and can be used for point to point connection between sites, or internet access or for building an MPLS network. This is a cost effective solution that is scalable and easy to deploy with high availability throughout the UK. Service supplied through Cisco router and all proactively managed.


Ethernet over Fibre offers greater scalability in bandwidth than EFM with higher SLAs. Cisco router proactively managed.

Internet Transit

If you are a large Enterprise or Service Provider looking for a direct connection or require your own AS network we can provide access to Tier 1 network providers and our network of peering connections.

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