Virtualisation & VDI

Simplify desktop virtualisation with VDI that costs less than new PCs.

Purpose-built with small and medium businesses in mind, VDI-in-a-Box provides

thoughtful features and management that make VDI easy and low-cost. Finally, small and medium businesses can benefit from an enterprise-class solution that increases business agility while reducing support costs.

Virtualisation & VDIWith Citrix VDI-in-a-Box, more than 60 per cent of VDI infrastructure costs are eliminated compared to traditional VDI solutions, desktop support and management are reduced up to 80 percent, and access to desktops anytime from any device becomes a powerful reality. An open architecture gives you the freedom to pick the hypervisor platform that best fits your needs and the featured Citrix HDX performance ensures excellent quality of experience.

Designed for desktop IT, VDI-in-a-Box delivers an immediate return on investment (ROI) by being simpler and less expensive to set up and manage than the PCs they replace. Furthermore, you can go from zero to production in under an hour, and with VDI-in-a-Box, you have the flexibility of starting small and scaling as needs grow without needing to over provision.

Server Virtualisation

Virtualisation & VDI Services from Switch Communications deliver and build bespoke IT environments for your business. Whether you need the Data Centre fabric designed to allow specific services to be easier to manage or a newly built virtual environment we can provide the expert consultancy and advice you need to be sure you recieve the best possible value for money.

Our services are designed to make the most of the lower operational costs of a virtualised environment and include increased resilience, lower power consumption and vastly simplified IT systems and application management.

Moving from a non-virtualised traditional server environment to a virtual environment will reduce the amount of infrastructure, and space, required to manage your estate whilst making it easier and less expensive to expand. Running costs, including simple factors such as cooling and electricity use, are vastly reduced in a virtualised server environment.

virtualisation VDI ServicesBy installing a virtualised estate you will also take advantage of increased resilience and improved service levels.

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