Telecomms codeSwitch helps you to make the Connection to Business Application Solution Services (BASS) that assist your organisation in improving the user experience in all forms of communication whether voice, data, Unified Communications, multimedia services as well as social networks. In addition we work with you to develop business systems that maximises productivity, Customer Service and ultimately reduces capital expenditure in technology.

At Switch we help you to deploy Trusted Cloud services in either a Private or Public Network and indeed a Hybrid of the two. A key component of any Cloud solution is the delivery of good Access to the Cloud via your connectivity. Using the UK’s leading Network Carriers Switch selects the provision of Best of Breed (BoB) bandwidth for IP services (xDSL, FTTC, FTTP, EFM, and Ethernet) as well as traditional TDM. With its knowledge and experience in the industry Switch recognises that simple delivery is not enough and therefore Switch builds networks from our Core that optimises Speed, Security, Quality of Service (QoS), and Prioritisation. Certain Applications such as Voice are mission critical and these parameters are essential ingredients to the successful deployment of such business solutions. To enquire about our services email or call our sales team 020 8604 0000. Follow us on Linked In for connection promotions.

Direct Internet Access – Switch Communications

Delivering a fully managed Business Internet service through a totally secure high speed connection, Switch’s proposition is highly scalable, flexible, and resilient. The service is backed by an excellent team in its Network Operations Control Centre (NOCC) 247 that monitors performance on a proactive basis.

MPLS Network

Having deployed solutions in both the Enterprise and Local/National Government markets over the last 10 years Switch has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help build MPLS networks with mission critical applications for example VoIP.

An MPLS network must be able to carry voice, data and multimedia services across it to ensure that you maximise on your investment in this infrastructure. Switch uniquely specialises in designing and deploying such networks and is built on solutions designed by some of the leading manufacturers and Carriers in the industry.

The network should be a gateway to Access Applications that develop your internal processes to allow you to do business with your Customers simply, easily, efficiently and in the most profitable way. At Switch we take time to understand your Company and its drivers to develop solutions tailored to you.

The MPLS network should encourage consolidation, convergence, and improve network security with the ability to allow virtualisation within it.

Service Type Upload Download Monthly Usage Support Cover
Globalreach Business ADSL Max up to 832k up to 8Mb Unlimited 24/7
Globalreach Business II ADSL 2+ up to 1.4Mb up to 24Mb Unlimited 24/7
Globalreach Business AnnexM ADSL AnnexM up to 2.5Mb up to 20Mb Unlimited 24/7
Globalreach Business Elite FTTC up to 20Mb up to 80Mb Unlimited 24/7
Globalreach Business Professional 1 EFM up to 10Mb up to 10Mb Unlimited 24/7
Globalreach Business Professional 2 EFM up to 20Mb up to 20Mb Unlimited 24/7
Globalreach Ethernet Fibre Ethernet available from 1Mb to 1GB available from 1Mb to 1GB Unlimited 24/7
Globalreach Leased Line (Private circuit) TDM available from 2Mb to 155Mb and onwards available from 2Mb to 155Mb and onwards Unlimited 24/7