Why is Cloud technology the perfect fit for retailers?

In the current economic climate, retailers need to leverage their IT infrastructure to the full and take advantage of new technologies that deliver business flexibility and cost savings. Pop-up stores are becoming ever popular during seasonal peaks and robust systems are essential to ensure business continuity and ultimately strong financial returns.

Understand your business

Switch can provide clear evidence of delivering a competitive edge to the retail sector and understanding customer behaviour is the key to success. The correct systems to monitor footfall are essential to manage the business on a daily basis and uplift the average transaction. In many cases IT estates end up growing organically and can become quite distributed. We believe that Switch communications has the solutions that can simplify and create substantial increases in the value you receive from your estate by changing from a traditional infrastructure to the Switch Communications Cloud Fortress:

Switch Communications Cloud Fortress

Switch Communications Cloud Services

Traditional infrastructure


Improving the customer experience

A smooth, speedy shopping experience is critical to customer satisfaction and loyalty.  By being able to accelerate access to data and cope effortlessly with increased transaction throughput, our infrastructure can support better, faster and more relational interactions with your customers.

Deliver the cloud

Our cloud solution will allow you the freedom to run webinars for staff training and video conferencing with the store managers to keep the business messaging consistent. Removing CPE (customer premises Equipment) will not only reduce cost but allow the estate to flex.

Switch will fully audit your current infrastructure, remove excess capacity and duplication and make recommendations based on a clear ROI. We would be delighted to help. CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A FREE AUDIT REPORT